Lyn Sweet, at the Chicago Sun Times, has Obama’s fund raising schedule for September. It is a brutal schedule. Worse, a lot of the events are in New York (not in play), New Jersey (not in play), California (not in play), Illinois (not in play), and London (not in play). Obviously, he is not going to make a personal appearance at every event. Check out 9/25, for example:

9/25/08 – Santa Barbara, CA
The home of Nancy & Larry Koppelman
1453 Bonnymede Drive
11:30am – General Reception with Caroline Kennedy
1:00pm – VIP Lunch with Caroline Kennedy
Co-Host/VIP/Ticket Price: $25,000, $5,000, $1,500

9/25/08 – London, UK
One Whitehall Place
12:00pm – Host Reception with Al Gore and Paul Tewes
12:30pm – Lunch with Al Gore and Paul Tewes
Host/Ticket Price: $28,500, $10,000

9/25/08 – Brentwood, CA
The home of Helen & Theodore J. Boutrous, Jr.
Address provided upon RSVP
5:30pm – VIP Reception with Caroline Kennedy
6:30pm – General Reception with Caroline Kennedy
Co-Host/VIP/Ticket Price: $10,000, $2,300, $500

I’m going to assume he isn’t going to appear at the London event. But he is stuck in California for a day or more. Maybe he’lll get some press, but he won’t be campaigning in Ohio or Michigan, or Virginia or Florida or Pennsylvania.

He is starting to run out of time. Soren Dayton, at The Next Right looks at the news cycles through October:

So they will have between Monday the 16th and Thursday the 25th to have significant impact over the news cycle. On the 26th, the first Presidential debate will happen. But between the the 16th and the 25th, there will be:

* John [sic] Gibson interview of Sarah Palin on ABC.
* Probably a significant profile or two of Sarah Palin.
* Some sort of serious debate in Congress on energy.

One can imagine that this will suck up 3 of those 8 news cycles.

One you get into the debates, the ability to shape the story gets even harder. The next debate, the VP debate, is 6 days later on a Thursday, which is really 3 or 4 real news cycles. (Granted, one of those will be October 3rd, when the unemployment number comes out, which probably won’t be pretty)

The next debate is October 7, a mere 6 days later on a Tuesday. The Monday before is probably the only day that Obama could seriously have an impact on the news cycle.

Then you have October 15th for the final debate on a Wednesday. That’s 5 real days of news.

One of those will be occupied by the release of the Alaska legislature’s report on Sarah Palin

The MSM is besotted with Palin. But the blowback from the initial frenzy of sexist trashing of Palin will force the MSM to treat Palin with more respect. She’ll start getting some favorable coverage just when Obama needs as much of the news cycle as he can grab. But he can’t get that coverage while he is fund raising and Palin is making all the news.

Update: Seems the MSM still hasn’t learned its lesson. Gibson was condescending and overbearing but Palin handled herself well. Funny how she was questioned as if she were running at the top of the ticket.