My wife recalls seeing a demonstration involving the Reverend Jesse Jackson. He was marching along speaking directly to the TV cameras, making a speech. What the cameras didn’t show were Jesse Jackson’s assistant walking backwards, in front of Jackson, flipping the cue cards as Jackson spoke. The viewer would be impressed at how good Jackson was at speaking ex tempore while marching in a demonstration. Except that he wasn’t.

I was reminded of that story when I read how poorly Obama performed without a teleprompter. That speech did not make the national nightly news.

Now Betsy notes how the Obama campaign is manipulating the crowds at his rallys. She quotes a Financial Times report:

About three-quarters of the 9,000 people who turned up to see Barack Obama at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Friday evening were black. Yet, the section of seating directly behind where he spoke was filled overwhelmingly by whites.

The Obama campaign would not say how seats were allocated but it appeared as though a conscious decision had been made to ensure that television pictures showed the senator against a backdrop of white faces.

The TV crews would do truth a favor if they showed the crowd, the whole crowd and nothing but the crowd. Of course, the producers and editors would be uncomfortable at letting the people know that Obama is winning because blacks are voting for him en masse.