McCain’s positions on too many issues seem more aligned with the left of the Democratic party. The one exception, for which I give him credit, is on his support for the ongoing war against the Jihadists. On the other hand, his position on waterboarding the likes of KSM and OBL shows someone more concerned with pleasing the leftist elites of the world than defending his country.

On immigration, his position is indistinguishable from Teddy Kennedy’s position. His connections to Unavision billionaire Jerry Perenchio and Open Borders advocate Dr. Juan Hernandez show he has been bought by pro-illegal immigration forces.

On judges, his proven position is to only allow judges that the Democrats approve, and to heck with the constitution. His comments on Justice Alito, that he has tried to walk back, are especially disturbing. As one of the Captain’s commenters, notes Margaret Thatcher famously said that compromise is the absence of leadership. On this issue, as on so many others, McCain is a compromiser, not a leader.

McCain sounded like John Edwards in his attacks on profits and capitalism in last night’s debate. That’s not a good attitude in a potential leader of the free world. No Reaganite he.

McCain has also bought into the greatest scientific swindle of this generation; the idea that humanity can only stop catastrophic global warming by cutting back on CO2 emissions. (In contrast, Romney avoided taking about global warming and turned it into a discussion on alternative energy sources).

If McCain gets the GOP nomination, it will be bad news for the GOP. If he actually wins, it will be bad for the country. He will govern like a left-of-center Democrat on domestic issues, and convince a compliant GOP minority in the Senate and House to go along.

I would seriously suggest that we would be better off with Hillary as President. That would lead to gridlock in the Senate and House and limit the damage inflicted on the country. She would capitalize on Bush’s effort to win in Iraq and take all the credit. If it was a choice between Hillary and McCain, I really would be torn as to who to support (and I loathe the Clintons).

If Obama wins the Democrat nomination, McCain will lose. It will a replay of 1996, when a tired old GOP war-horse lost to Clinton.

In the meantime, I will contribute nothing to the GOP while McCain remains a candidate for President.

Update: Riehl World View wonders what a McCain platform would look like. It isn’t pretty.