I think I’m going to rename the GWOT the “War on Resurgent Islam”.

Back in its heyday Islam was surging across the world. From Arabia it conquered the Middle East, North Africa, India, parts of the Far East, and parts of Europe. That was Jihad at its finest. The world trembled before the Muslim hordes as they slaughtered their way across most of the known world. Those are the glory days our present day Jihadists want to recapture.

By word and deed, a significant proportion of the Muslim world is at war with the non-Muslim world. From our haughty perspective, their cause looks hopeless. Our stockpile of nuclear weapons and our modern-day armed forces could destroy the Islamic world in a few days.

But that situation will not last forever. Iran has an active nuclear weapons program. Unstable Pakistan already has nuclear weapons. Muslims have infiltrated Europe and are undermining it from within. Within a generation, European Muslims will wield the force of Democracy against old Europe and win. France’s “force de frappe” may well end up under Muslim control.

The most important front in the War on Resurgent Islam is Iraq. If we lose there, we will face larger battles closer to home. Maybe not in the next election cycle but certainly within a generation. Our enemies take the long view. They intend to continue the global Jihad that has been raging since the birth of Islam. They will stop only when we are all converted to Islam, enslaved in Dhimmitude, or dead. The only other option is to beat Resurgent Islam into complete submission to our will.