World Net Daily has some updates. The following evidence should be compelling for the defense:

On that day, Rooney said, Marines came under an attack that included both gunfire and explosives. One Marine in a Humvee was killed and two more were injured, and the resulting house-to-house battle between the outnumbered 4-man Marine “fire team” and the insurgents resulted in 24 Iraqi deaths, including 15 civilians.

After the attack, two insurgents were tracked by aerial drones. One of those insurgents was followed to another part of town, where he took part in another battle with Marines, the testimony said.

“This was a real battle, there wasn’t some phantom menace,” Rooney said. “There were real terrorists in that town.’

He said the second suspect monitored by the Marines fled from the first confrontation, and went into a home. A short time later he came out, with different clothing and carrying a baby.

No Marine would ever act like that second suspect. But how do honorable men fight savages who hide behind babies? And how do they feel when congressman Murtha parrots terrorist propaganda and slanders them in public?