Mort Kondrake writes:

That’s because, I’m convinced after spending three weeks in China and Tibet, unless the United States gets its act together, our grandchildren will be living in a world dominated by the Peoples Republic.

China is simply inexorable in its pursuit of wealth, growth and power. It cares little about human rights, democracy, labor protections, fair trade rules or the environment. It is relentless in advancing its national interests.

Hundreds of thousands of Tibetans — along with an estimated 30 million Chinese — died in Mao Zedong’s maniacal collectivization campaign, the “Great Leap Forward.” In Tibet, the Chinese caused mass famine by trying to change the dominant crop from barley to rice, which does not grow in high altitudes.

Tens of thousands more Tibetans were killed when the Chinese put down a nationalistic revolt in the late 1950s and almost all Buddhist temples were sacked and burned during the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution.

On the other hand, Writing on NRO’s corner, Mark Steyn points out:

My line on China, the soi-disant colossus of the 21st century, is that it’s been dramatically oversold. China will get old before it gets rich, in part because of its foolish “one-child” policy. You’d think they’d have figured that out, but apparently not.

Steyn’s link points an article showing that China is implementing its one child policy as rigorously as ever. Forced abortion at 9 months for violating the one-child policy would test the resolve of the most hardened abortionist in the US:

An unmarried 19-year-old woman, He Caigan, told NPR that her forced abortion occurred just days before her scheduled delivery.

The consequences of the one-child policy appear to have escaped the brilliant Marxists who run China. Two parents, one child eventually means the one child has to support the two parents, one way or another. Add in a fierce desire to have that one child be male, and many of those children supporting their parents will be males within no female to marry. That is a recipe for societal disaster that has traditionally resulted in war, as millions of young males stir up trouble.

Kondrake has it wrong. China’s power is illusory. Ours is not much better unless we rid our selves of the mindset that led to China’s disastrous one-child policy. Where did China get the idea that “overpopulation” was a problem. This Free Republic post gives a clue:

China’s One-Child Policy and Western Population Controllers
By Steve Mosher

Population control was not imposed on China by the West, as it has been imposed on smaller, weaker countries. Not only did western-funded organizations like the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and others lend China’s one-child policy enthusiastic support but, as recent research makes clear, the intellectual impetus for the policy came from the West.(1) Vaporous Sixties ideas about population growth and resource depletion had explosive real-world consequences years later and half a world away. The core ideas underlying the one-child policy, it turns out, came from Western “science,” and more precisely from the notorious 1974 Club of Rome study which asserted that we were breeding ourselves to extinction.

The Club of Rome sponsored a computer simulation, carried out by a group of MIT-based systems engineers, called “The Limits to Growth.” Released with great fanfare, the study predicted that, if population growth and resource consumption were allowed to continue unchecked, the world would come to an end by about 2070.(2) The study was soon shown to be a hoax, with even the Club of Rome disowning it. Its primary purpose, said the president of the Club, had been to “jolt” people into taking the overpopulation problem seriously.

The brilliant Chinese leadership bought the hoax. China murdered millions in its past. It has aborted far more millions from its future. Like Europe and Japan, China’s future is geriatric power.