This is a travesty. The Fitzgerald perjury trap investigation should have been terminated the second it was known that Armitage was the leaker. That was before Fitzgerald’s investigation got started. But Comey and Gonzales let Fitzgerald carry on for years, despite knowing that Armitage was the leaker, and despite the fact that Plame was not covered by the IIPA.

A massive irony was spotted by a commenter at Just One Minute. He links to a letter that Paul Wolfowitz, another honorable man unjustly treated, wrote to the court on behalf of Libby. He said:

I know of many examples of Mr. Libby’s service to individuals, but let me mention two that are particularly relevant in the context of the present case. One involves his efforts to persuade a newspaper not to publish information that would have endangered the life of a covert CIA agent working overseas. Late into the evening, long after most others had left the matter to be dealt with the next day, Mr. Libby worked to collect the information that was needed to persuade the editor not to run the story. His assistant Jenny Mayfield told me that was when she realized she was working for a very special purpose – as indeed she was.

I also remember how Mr. Libby offered his services pro bono or at reduced costs after he had returned to private law practice – to help former colleagues and friends with legal issues. In one case he helped a public official defend himself against libelous accusations, something that is extremely difficult to do for anyone in public office. The official in question was Richard Armitage who more recently served as – Deputy Secretary of State.

Such irony. Libby worked to protect the like of a real CIA agent, not the likes of the duplicitous duo, Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame. Libby worked to defend Armitage’s name yet Armitage made not one move to help Libby while his life has been destroyed.