I watched the second half of the GOP debate and then Fred Thompson on Hannity & Colmes. Fred won hands down. He had a major stage to himself while a bunch of GOP contenders fought for air-time.

I’d have to say I was impressed by Fred. He was as well informed as any major R.O.C. (right of center) blogger on the issues of the day. He was passionate in his defense of Libby. He knew the minutiae of the case and where it went off the rails. Man, was I impressed. When he talked about the major issues of the day he hit the big points that the rest of both fields won’t touch — the demographic time bomb that will kill Social Security and Medicare — Tax reform — the war against radical Islam. I liked what I heard. I like what he writes.

Back to the rest of the field. This format needs to be modeled on Survivor. We need a way to vote cretins like Ron Paul and light-weights like Gilmore and Tommy Thompson off the stage.

Despite that, I was impressed by Rudy Giuliani and Duncan Hunter. Romney fluffed a few questions by going off on irrelevant stuff, like trade opportunities in Asia. Hunter did well; he’d be a good VP candidate.