Let’s see, now. Could Roosevelt have ended WW II by withdrawing from Europe and the Pacific? Obviously not. The Nazis and Imperial Japan would have taken full advantage of a unilateral American surrender.

Ditto Al Qaeda and Iran. Both are declared mortal enemies of the US and a unilateral withdrawal from Iraq will embolden them beyond measure. What the Democrats can do is end American involvement in Iraq. Such an action would precipitate a blood bath far worse than the aftermath of US withdrawal from Vietnam.

Any GOP candidate worthy of the nomination should have no trouble making mincemeat of any Democrat candidate on this one issue. It is simple. The only way to end a war is by winning. The real beef with Bush is not, that he went on the offense against Radical Islam, but that he did not go in to win. No Democrat has a plan to win in Iraq, and unilateral surrender, as recommended by the Democrats, will not wash with the electorate.