The bill may have some good points but few conservative care much about that. The fact remains that 10 million illegal immigrants broke the law to enter the US. Too many of them murder and kill Americans at rates that our enemies would envy. If they make it back to Mexico, they are often beyond the reach of US law enforcement. Many illegals bring in drugs and join violent criminal gangs. Many of the rest take jobs from the poorest American citizens. Illegals don’t pay anything like their fair share of taxes while they over tax the welfare system and hospital emergency rooms. Terrorists can and do use the same criminal activities that support illegal immigrants in the US.

Businesses, that exploit cheap labor, love illegals. Democrats love illegals. Anti-US forces love illegals. RINOs love illegals. W loves illegals. Seems like everyone loves illegals.

But that isn’t the case, as politicians will find to their cost. Businesses that use illegals are resented by businesses that operate within the law. If you need cheap labor, move to Mexico!

Democrat politicians may find that Democrat voters don’t see eye-to-eye with their masters in Washington. Union bosses might find that union members, already annoyed about jobs going to Mexico, may well resent their jobs going to out-of-state companies employing illegals. There are a lot of Reagan Democrats out there.

Anti-US forces rightly recognize that illegal immigration undermines America. Enough said.

RINOs love illegals because they are not interested in tackling the problem. Hint: if you enforce the laws already on the books the illegals will, over time, be forced to return home.

It is hard to figure out why W loves illegals. He is a compassionate man and maybe he sees illegals as hard-working people of faith trying to do better for themselves and their families. Maybe some are, but they still broke US laws to come here, and stay here. Maybe W should try consoling the family of someone killed by a drunken illegal alien, or the family of a cop killed by an illegal, to bring attention to the problems of illegal immigration.

The problem is that enforcement of immigration law is largely non-existent. Sanctuary cities let illegals flourish in defiance of the law, to the disadvantage of law-abiding citizens. The border is a joke. Immigration agents are persecuted for trying to stem the tide. The Mexican government pays no penalty for exporting its poverty to the US. Until these things change, the majority of voters will not buy immigration reform.


If you think this bill makes no economic sense, check out Ace of Spades:

Every low-income citizen added to the population collects, on average, $30,000 per year from the government in services — schooling, hospitals, Social Security (including supplemental SS for low income people who haven’t paid much into the system), Medicaid, etc.

Each low-income citizen pays about $10,000 per year in taxes, total.

Net: Each new low-income citizen added to the population costs the nation around $18,000 per year, to be borne by other taxpayers.

At retirement, it gets worse.

Total cost: $2.5 trillion (with a t) flowing out of Social Security and Medicaid at just about the time the system’s already going bankrupt due to the end of the huge wave of Boomer retiring and collecting from the smaller post-Boomer age cohorts.

And it gets worse, of course. As Rector notes near the end of the interview — and as I have noted myself before — the list of nations that are less socialist than the US is a short one. Meaning that all of these immigrants, now lawfully voting citizens, will vote according to their conception of what government is supposed to provide to them (which also happens to be in their perceived economic self interest). I.e., they’ll vote the nation in a more socialist direction, voting themselves more benefits and more money.

More out of your pocket, in other words. The $20,000 per year per amnestied illegal immigrant is the starting point for what this will cost.