The situation on the ground is improving rapidly, despite the MSM headlines and Democrat/Rino treachery. Is Iraq another Vietnam? Check this graph at Michael Totten. By comparison with Vietnam, US losses in Iraq have been minor. By comparison with the losses inflicted on US citizens by illegal immigrants (40,000+ dead since 9/11), US losses in Iraq have been minor.

Two things have happened since the surge began:

1. Al Sadr fled and his death squads have been neutralized.
2. The Sunni tribes have, at long last, recognized that the enemy is Al Qaeda, not the US.

Add in aggressive US military leadership and a realization that time is short to avert disaster, and we have a recipe for victory.

The Democrat’s victory in 2006 and their determination to hand victory to Al Qaeda has told everyone that Iraq needs to be won now or lost later.

The Stratasphere sees progress in Diyala, now that Anbar has started to turn around.

Al Qaeda is now the main enemy in Iraq. It is fighting a last-ditch battle and losing everywhere but in the MSM. Soon, they will lose even there.