Ed Lasky at American Thinker quotes a report of a speech by Clinton to Kennedy School affair in Cambridge, Massachusetts:

Mr. Clinton also spoke of the danger of Iran developing a nuclear weapon, saying he was more worried about a terrorist group obtaining an Iranian bomb than the Islamic Republic using it itself. “Maybe some Iranian leader would think, maybe I can nuke Israel … but we can handle that with a phone call,” he said. “If a nuclear bomb ever exploded in the Middle East, even if it wiped out Israel, the main victims eventually would be all the Muslims around it who would be killed in the nuclear fallout.”

So, Clinton thinks that he could stop Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from carrying out his dream of destroying Israel with a phone call. Clinton doesn’t seem to have noticed that the Mad Mullahs have been killing Jews and Americans since 1979 and nothing the US has done has deterred them. Worse, Clinton seems to think that the worst consequence of nuking Israel would be the fall-out killing neighboring Muslims. Never mind the nuclear blast that would have wiped out Tel Aviv (3,000,000 Jews) or Jerusalem (400,000 Jews).

God help Israel if the Clintonistas get back in the White House.