Few Republican’s have enunciated what is at stake in Iraq as clearly as Lieberman. Wizbang quotes his speech in full. It deserves to be read in full by every one in the country. His concluding paragraphs:

Mr. President, what we need now is a sober assessment of the progress we have made and a recognition of the challenges we face. There are still many uncertainties before us, many complexities. Barely half of the new troops that General Petraeus has requested have even arrived in Iraq, and, as we heard from him yesterday, it will still be months before we will know just how effective his new strategy is.

In following General Petraeus’ path, there is no guarantee of success–but there is hope, and a new plan, for success.

The plan embedded in this legislation, on the other hand, contains no such hope. It is a strategy of catchphrases and bromides, rather than military realities in Iraq. It does not learn from the many mistakes we have made in Iraq. Rather, it promises to repeat them.

Let me be absolutely clear: In my opinion, Iraq is not yet lost–but if we follow this plan, it will be. And so, I fear, much of our hope for stability in the Middle East and security from terrorism here at home.

Can you imagine the impact on the electorate if the GOP Presidential candidate said that we are at war, that national unity on this momentous issue is critical to winning the war, and therefore, he is asking Senator Lieberman to run as America’s Vice President?

Such a move would split the Democrat electorate. The victory of a bi-partisan team would show the world, especially the Muslim world, that the US is in this war to win.

One can dream…