Tim Blair notes a NY Times report the lobster men aren’t catching much this season:

When lobstermen do head out, they find their traps filled with more bait than lobsters. Unseasonably cold spring weather has lowered water temperatures about six degrees, too cold for lobsters to want to feed, Dr. Bayer said.

Lobsters have rarely been as scarce or expensive as they have been in the last few weeks, thanks to a confluence of bad weather, extremely cold water and a lack of reserve supply.

The retail price is about $15 a pound for a one-pound lobster, nearly double what it was last spring, and restaurateurs are having difficulty obtaining lobsters, particularly large ones.

Where they can be found, large lobsters come with big price tags. Anthony’s Pier 4 in Boston is selling three-and-a-half-pound lobsters for $112. A scarce two-pound lobster at the Union Oyster House in Boston is $47.95, the manager, Troy C. Thissell, said, and a one-pounder at Warren’s Lobster House in Kittery, Me., is $29.99, said the owner, Scott Cunningham.

“Basically, all we’re selling is one- or one-and-a-half-pounders,” Mr. Cunningham said. “The big ones are scarce, and the price is outrageous. We thought we might have to change our name to Warren’s Chicken House or something.”

It also looks like the polar bears are going to have a bigger supply of seals than usual. The human seal hunters are trapped in unseasonable ice, as the Las Vegas Sun reports:

An easing of the wind Friday morning allowed 10 vessels to make it into port, but Penny said the other 90 boats probably would stay immobilized at least until Saturday.

“Conditions are terrible up there with the ice and that,” said Ward George, a search-and-rescue coordinator in St. John’s, Newfoundland. “So we’re just waiting for the wind to change, to ease off on the pressure, and we’ll do our work.”

Thick slabs of ice have lift some vessels out of the water, causing them to tip on their sides.

The Newfoundland hunt is third and largest phase of Canada’s annual seal harvest, an event that has drawn widespread criticism around the world, including from celebrities such as Paul McCartney and French actress Brigitte Bardot.

It’s been a cold, hard winter up here in North East Ohio. But don’t worry about the evidence of your own frozen digits. Global warming hysteria is official, endorsed by two of the most powerful institutions in the US; the Supreme Court and the military.