Neo-Neocon links to the personal web page of Liviu Librescu, the Virginia Tech Professor who died defending his students. Look at his interests:

Foundation and applications of the modern theory of shells incorporating non-classical effects and composed of advanced composite materials; Foundation of the theory and applications of sandwich type structures; Aeroelastic stability of flight vehicle structures;. Nonlinear aeroelasticity of structures in supersonic and hypersonic flow fields; Aeroelastic and structural tailoring; Dynamic response and instability of elastic and viscoelastic laminated composite structures subjected to deterministic and random loading systems; Mechanical and thermal postbuckling of flat and curved shear-deformable elastic panels; Static, dynamic and aeroelastic feedback control of adaptive structures; Unsteady aerodynamics and magnetoaerodynamics of supersonic flows with applications; Optimization problems of aeroelastic structural systems; Theory of composite thin-walled beams and its application in aeronautical and mechanical constructions; Response and behavior of structures to underwater and in-air explosions; Multifunctional and Functionally Graded material structures.

He was doing leading edge research on facets of our lives that we take for granted. “Theory of composite thin-walled beams and its application in aeronautical and mechanical constructions”. In other words, how do we make complex structures lighter, stronger and more efficient? His contribution to society was immense but unseen outside of his profession.

But this frail old man, a Holocaust survivor, gave his students the chance to survive with his physical courage. We need his kind more than ever.