Powerline serves up the good news:

The powers-that-be at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport — the Metropolitan Airports Commission — have voted unanimously to require airport taxis to serve all comers, regardless of their compliance with sharia law: “Taxi drivers can’t refuse riders, MAC rules.” The Star Tribune reports:

Starting May 11, airport taxi drivers who refuse to transport riders carrying alcohol will be suspended for 30 days. And after a second offense, their license would be revoked for two years.

The Metropolitan Airports Commission voted 11-0 Monday to approve the crackdown, which some Muslim drivers say violates their religious beliefs. Commissioners called the change reasonable, practical and important for rider safety.

Unlike Europe, America should declare itself a Sharia-free zone. The Aussies are ahead of the US on that score. Australian Treasurer Peter Costello lays it on the line:

ANYONE who believes Islamic sharia law can co-exist with Australian law should move to a country where they feel more comfortable, Treasurer Peter Costello said today.

All Australian citizens must adhere to the framework in society which maintains tolerance and protects the rights and liberties of all, he said. It is a pre-condition for citizenship of Australia.
Mr Costello was giving a speech on the meaning of Australian citizenship to the Sydney Institute.

“There is one law we are all expected to abide by,” Mr Costello said.

“It is the law enacted by the Parliament under the Australian Constitution.

“If you can’t accept that, then you don’t accept the fundamentals of what Australia is and what it stands for.”

Would that George Bush could ever be so forthright.