Let me say up front that my wife and I were unabashed Anglophiles. We met in London. We lived in London for two years and saw something like 200 plays, operas and musicals in that period. When we moved back to the US we went to London every couple of years on trips jammed pack with theater. We bought a nice flat in London with the intention of spending half our time in London and half back in the US, in our golden years. We sold it just after the tube bombings. We haven’t been back to London since. Unless there is a dramatic turnaround in Great Britain, we won’t be back.

So, here’s why we have crossed our favorite city off our list.

Criminals rule London’s streets. Citizens who defend themselves against criminals receive longer prison terms than the criminals. The famed British Police Constable is now so PC he can’t actually do anything about criminals.

Britain’s draconian anti-gun laws have had “unintended” consequences: criminals running amok with illegal guns.

The Tory party of Churchill and Thatcher is barely distinguishable from the party of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Radical Muslims have made Londistan their new base for operations against the Infidels. The Brits have treated them with kid gloves.

Teachers cannot teach the truth about the Holocaust or the Crusades because they are scared of their Muslim pupils. Richard the Lionheart? Consigned to PC purgatory.

Britannia no longer rules the waves, as Mark Steyn points out with devastating wit. It has cut back its navy so much it couldn’t rule a puddle. Iran just demonstrated British impotence. That’s not great. That’s pathetic. The Falklands may as well become Argentinian now.

Dennis Prager is on the same page:

But a word of caution: If Great Britain can cease to be great in so short a time span, any country can. All you need is an elite that no longer believes in their country, that manipulates history texts to make students feel good about themselves, that prefers multiculturalism to its own culture, and that has abandoned its religious underpinnings. Sound familiar, America?

Giving power to the likes of Pelosi and Reid will sink the good ship USA. Just look at what Carter achieved in three long years. And that was before the Mad Mullahs were on the threshold of becoming the first Shi’ite nuclear power.