Powerline has pictures of Nancy wearing a scarf for a visit to a Mosque. She’s not a Muslim, so far as I know, so she has no reason to wear a scarf to satisfy Muslim sensibilities. She claims to be Catholic. She should have been wearing a prominent symbol of her Christian faith, such as a crucifix, instead of submitting to Muslim dictates.

My wife, daughter and my daughter’s friend visited Egypt in 1989. We were hosted in Cairo by an Egyptian friend who assigned one of his students to show us around the Cairo museum and the most famous mosques in Cairo. The student was very knowledgeable about ancient Egypt and fiercely proud of his religion. Not once were the womenfolk in our party asked to cover their hair. It seemed then that the locals were very tolerant of infidels visiting their holy sites.

It is sickening to think that the third in line for the presidency can be so easily manipulated to submit to the will of Allah. She knew not what she did, but they surely do.

Condi did the same thing. That just goes to show what happens when you get sucked into the State Department. She’s also bought into the peace process fantasy. I had thought much better of Rice but she has proven unable to resist Foggy Bottom’s useless allure.

You could make the argument that Pelosi and Rice were showing respect for the local culture. By that logic, Muslim women should shed their Hijabs, and assorted other costumes when they come to a non-Muslim country. Some do, some don’t. I suspect the don’ts are becoming dominant.