I booked a flight to St Louis to run a marathon. Unfortunately, thanks to the Gore effect, we had a tough winter for marathon training. Between the snow and ice outside and the treadmill inside I got hurt. Running a marathon while hurt is very unwise so I bailed. I had an advance purchase airfare booked with Southwest. I called them to say I needed to cancel. No problems. They gave me a credit for my next flight. Guess I’ll be flying Southwest. In fact, I’ll be delighted to fly Southwest.

The media seems only to report bad news about airlines. 99.9% of the time they do a good job. The biggest hassles come from the Department of Homeland Security and their insistence on screening everyone as if they were Richard Reid or Mohammad Atta. Here’s my suggestion: optional Muslim-free flights with no security screening other than petting a guide dog and munching some bacon or matzos and swearing on the Bible, Torah or ACLU mission statement, that you aren’t a Muslim, don’t want to become a Muslim, don’t want to go to Cuba or some other non-designated destination, and won’t commit terrorist acts in-flight or on the ground. Oh, and you have to look at a bunch of innocuous Danish cartoons without causing a blip on a lie-detector. That sure beats what they put us through now.