Just watched the Fox News program on Bergergate. The DOJ stone-walled Fox News and sees no point in giving Berger the polygraph he was supposed to take. Nobody except Berger and his accomplices know what he stole and destroyed from the National Archives. Taking the criminal’s word that he just made an “honest mistake” is clearly inadequate.

Meanwhile, Libby ‘s life has been destroyed by an out-of-control prosecutor who continued his investigation of a non-crime long after the perpetrator had confessed to the DOJ.

I’m going to fault Gonzales on both issues.

In the run-up to the 2004 election the Democrats and the MSM made a big deal about alleged Republican corruption. The Plame Blame Game played into the Democrat’s strategy. Gonzales should have shut down Fitzgerald as soon as it was known to the DOJ that Armitage was the leaker, and taken that issue off the table. But he let it hang around like a bad smell.

The Berger case was one where Gonzales could have put the Democrats, especially the Clintonistas, on the defense, by vigorously pursuing Berger. God knows, were the position reversed, a Republican perpetrator would be lucky to escape solitary in a federal pen next to terrorists like Ramzi Yousef.

In fact, the Bushies should have gotten into the mindset of asking “How would the Clintonista’s exploit/spin/explain this situation”. Once they figured that out, they could then develop a strategy to aggressively counter the lies and spin with the facts. A complete investigation of Berger, and the multitude of National Security leakers, followed by trials à la Fitzgerald, would have put the heat where it belonged.

Gonzales has been a babe-in-the-woods and he’s being eaten alive by the loathsome Senator Schumer.