The Senate followed the House in voting to surrender in Iraq. Presidential hopeless Hagel turned into Judas and stabbed his President in the back. The worst of it is that the new commander has not been given a chance even though the situation in Iraq has improved markedly in the last two months.

The Strata-sphere does point out that:

In Congress a funding bill is different from legislation regarding laws. Laws are binding, once passed, until revoked with a new round of legislation. Funding bills are only good for the fiscal year and can be overwritten with supplementals or the actual budget bill for the next year. That is why everything outside the funding in these Democrat surrender bills is really not binding. They are for moving dollars. They cannot really establish laws.

I hope he’s right although I doubt our Sunni and Shi’ite enemies will see the subtleties. To them, and to the Democrats, a US surrender in Iraq is a great victory, bigger than Vietnam.