This CNN map tells the story.

[u]World War II[/u]
The US still has troops and bases in Europe (100,000) and Japan (35,300) 60 years later. Well gee whiz, that adds up to a tad more than the deployment in Iraq (as of January 2007). Admittedly, that deployment segued into the Cold War which lasted around 40 years.

[u]Korean War[/u]
The US still 32,000 troops in Korea 53 years after that one was declared a draw.

[u]Vietnam War[/u]
No US troops there, 31 years after the US left the South Vietnamese and Cambodians to the tender mercies of the communists. Millions died but the Democrats still considered the US defeat in Vietnam a moral victory.

[u]Kosovo War[/u]
Clinton’s war “ended” 7 years ago but 1,500 US troops, amongst others, are still there.

So, when Pelosi, and her fellow Democrats, talk about ending an open-ended commitment in Iraq, after 4 long years, you know they are not telling the whole story.