Via Lucianne: A French court ruled against French Muslim groups that had sued a magazine for publishing the Danish Muhammed cartoons:

A Paris court on Thursday acquitted the editor of a satirical French weekly, sued by two Muslim groups for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Applause broke out in the courtroom at the announcement of the verdict, which ruled that the three cartoons published by the weekly Charlie Hebdo in February 2006 were not insulting to the Muslim community.

The Paris Grand Mosque and the Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF) took Charlie Hebdo editor Philippe Val to court for reprinting cartoons that first appeared in a Danish newspaper, sparking angry protests by Muslims worldwide in which 139 people were killed.

The Imams suing US Airways and passengers will likely get the same reception.

Of course, I haven’t heard any Muslims denounce Abu Laban, the Danish imam who started the Danish cartoons controversy. He passed off three fabricated cartoons as being part and parcel of the mild cartoons actually published. Neander News provided the proof that one of the cartoons that Abu Laban produced on his ME tour is actually a flattened black and white photo of:

Jacques Barrot, a pig squealing contestant at the French Pig-Squealing Championships in Trie-sur-Baise’s annual festival.

Inspired by Charles Johnson’s work on the Rathergate memo I converted the two images into an animated gif. It is pretty obvious that the Imam is misrepresenting the image in order to stoke Islamic rage. That rage killed 139 people.

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Update from Glenn Beck on CNN:

BECK: By now we`ve all heard the story of the six Muslim imams who were removed from a U.S. Airways flight when they erratically changed seats, they made unusual requests, they prayed loudly. The flight crew made at the time what they felt was the best decision for all of the passengers.

But the imams have decided to sue, not just the airline, but the unnamed passengers, as well, that expressed concern.

This story is quickly becoming less about airline discrimination and, it seems to me, more of a fight inside the Muslim world here in America. The Islamic organization CAIR is representing the imams.

The passengers who pointed out the imams? Their defense now is being funded by the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

I`m pleased to be joined by their president, Zuhdi Jasser.

Zuhdi, what made you decide to come in and side against the imams?

ZUHDI JASSER, AMERICAN ISLAMIC FORUM FOR DEMOCRACY: Well, you know, as I`m here in Phoenix, and when I heard this story come out I just couldn`t believe that they thought it wise to sue the airlines. And then once you read the case that they filed this week, I heard that they want to sue the passengers.

Imagine how they think that this is appropriate to build bridges with the American community, the non-Muslim community, and think that somehow we`re going to get better civil rights protection, not only by guarantees of the Constitution, but by making everything be afraid that if they report suspicious behavior, either those of Arab or Muslim descent are going to sue them.

That is just wrong. That is not what I believe is Islamic as a spiritual Muslim, and I don`t believe that that is the right approach. I mean, the gates of the front lines are the war on terror. And that is not right for us when we`re afraid of where — of what`s going to happen from terrorism to start to make passengers fear anything they may report.

It is a good sign if moderate Muslims are starting to speak out against the Jihadists and their fans.