Leaks. Critical National Security leaks. The Strata-Sphere says they are being investigated as we speak, and that is why the Democrats are launching a full-frontal on Gonzales.

Someone should tell the Democrats that the people who brought us WTC I and WTC II still want to kill us. So do the people who occupied our Embassy in Iran, killed 220 Marines in Lebanon, and are disrupting our efforts to bring peace to Iraq.

Packing up and going home just makes the problem worse. Playing politics for keeps at home just helps our enemy gather strength while we are distracted by the Plame Blame Game, the political equivalent of “Death of a Bimbo”.

Get a grip, Democrats. Remember that Vietnam left your party in limbo for a generation. Iraq, whether the US wins or loses, will have the same effect.

If the US wins, then Democrats will be seen as the party that tried to prevent victory.

If the Democrats force a retreat, then they will be seen as the party that gave Iraq to Iran and Al Qaeda, and caused the inevitable bloodbath that would ensue. Been there; done that.

The Democrats only hope in 2008 is to support Bush on foreign policy and play to their domestic strengths, such as they are. So far, they are headed in exactly the wrong direction.