Jihad Watch quotes CNN:

Iraqi insurgents used two children as a cover to get through a checkpoint in Baghdad and then blew up the car while the kids were still inside, a U.S. general said Tuesday.

The target? Evil US soldiers? Apparently not.

The car went through a checkpoint Sunday and parked by a market across the street from a school

The targets were Iraqi civilians and school children. The terrorists passed up the opportunity to blow up the car at the checkpoint. Obviously, the terrorists would then have had to be prepared to die with the kids. Rather than do that, rather than die for Allah in Jihad killing infidels, rather than get their 72 virgins, they chose to kill Muslim children and adults. These people are the worst of the worst. Yet, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid want the United States to turn tail and run away from Iraq, leaving it to these fiends and the Iranian fiends.

Well, now we know where the mainstream Democrats stand. No US lives should be sacrificed to prevent a greater evil: the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents at the hands of barbarians. Too harsh? Well, let’s try a real Vietnam analogy. When the United States abandoned South Vietnam, millions died. It seems the Democrats could care less.

The Democrats talk about supporting the troops while opposing the war. The Americans who died in Vietnam, and their friends and relatives, cannot say they died in a greater cause. Their efforts did not free South Vietnam. Their efforts did not stop Pol Pot. The Vietnam Vets had victory in their grasp but the Democrats snatched it away. The troops the Democrats feign to support let them feel they died in vain. Their cause was just, but our troops were not allowed to bring justice and peace to SE Asia.

The greatest generation saved Western civilization. The Vietnam generation had to walk away, defeated, not on the battlefield, but by the likes of John Kerry at home.

God help America if the Democrats get to do it again. Thank God today’s Democrats were not around to confront Hitler, Tojo and Stalin.