Who knows? It’s an impressive airplane, as this news report notes:

LOS ANGELES — The world’s largest airliner made its historic first visit to Los Angeles International Airport today, with the 1.2-million-pound aircraft wobbling slightly as it touched down and its 22 wheels sending up whiffs of white smoke as they kissed the tarmac.

The Airbus A380, which can be configured to carry more than 800 passengers, boasts a wingspan of more than 261 feet and has a 9,300-mile range. To accommodate the behemoth, LAX has already spent about $49 million on runway and gate improvements.

The biggest problems the 380 faces are European rather than technical, as Thomas Lifson at American Thinker has reported.

Perhaps the world needs an 800 passenger plane. Personally, I think it looks like the future of aviation is a short range plane like the Embraer RJ135, a cross-continental plane like the 737, a transatlantic plane like the 777, and an intercontinental plane like the venerable 747. Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner hits the sweetspot in a way the A380 can’t.

I hope the 380 succeeds better than the Concorde. Our European cousins need a success. I doubt the A380 will be as commercially successful as the 747 was , or the 787 will be.

Just pray no Jihadist nut jobs succeed in bringing down any more Western planes loaded with innocent civilians.