Khalid Sheik Mohammed had it in his power to destroy the Capitol. He planned to do that. United Airlines Flight 93 was supposed to hit the Capitol, according to Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Brave Americans, who understood the stakes, took down Flight 93 before it hit its intended target.

American Airlines Flight 77 hit its intended target. It did not do as much damage as Khalid Sheik Mohammed might have hoped, but it certainly scored huge propaganda points by proving that Al Qaeda could strike a blow at the heart of America’s mighty military.

Let’s try a little thought experiment here. Why was Flight 77 targeted at the Pentagon while Flight 93 was targeted at the Capitol? Flight 77 used a Boeing 757, as did Flight 93, so the type of plane and fuel load was not a factor in Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s planning. What was the deciding factor? Probably nothing. It could just as easily have been the other way around.

Senator Graham wasn’t in the Senate on 9/11. Senator Levin may have been in the Senate on that fateful morning. It seems these great men have not really thought about what would have happened if flight 93 and Flight 77 had had their targets exchanged. The august body, in which they are so proud to pontificate, would have gone the way of the twin towers.

I let them both know what I thought of their determination to act as KSM’s hand maidens.


I understand from the Washington Post that you are concerned whether or not US personnel mistreated al-Qaeda leader Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Are you nuts?

KSM is an unlawful enemy combatant who takes pride in killing 3,000 Americans. With a little more luck, he could have killed 50,000 Americans in 1993 by collapsing one WTC tower onto the other. He is also an al-Qaeda operative trained to allege abuse when captured.

He is not an American citizen. He is not entitled to the protections of the Geneva conventions. He is not a common thug. He is a mass-murdering Jihadist who wants to kill every American he can. So far, he’s done pretty well, wouldn’t you say?

When captured, he had possible knowledge of further attacks, including attacks using WMD. How far should the US go in finding out about future threats to the US? The average American is not going to want such a man treated with kid gloves. He has probably been trained to resist interrogation and torture, as are US military personnel. I’d suggest that most Americans would say “whatever it takes”. It turns out that waterboarding is (a) physically harmless, and (b) very effective. Should KSM have been waterboarded?

Suppose the US was unable to use any coercive techniques on KSM. Suppose we didn’t find out about a light aircraft Anthrax attack on L.A. (a trivially easy attack for Al Qaeda to mount, as it happens)? Would you be prepared to take responsibility for that intelligence failure.

Senator, I’d strongly suggest you stop carrying water for our deadliest enemies. To my mind, you are giving aid and comfort to an enemy that would dearly love to destroy the US.

Let this bleeding heart Senatorial duo know that they are idiots giving aid and comfort to a deadly enemy. Remind them that they were amongst KSM’s intended victims.