Suing the airlines is one thing; suing ordinary Americans is another, especially post 9/11. Yet, the 6 Imams who got tossed from a US Airways flight are doing just that.

American Thinkers notes that the Imams are going to sue the passengers who reported their suspicious behaviour:

In a move of breath-taking impudence, the flying imams now intend to extend their lawsuit against the US Airways to an elderly couple who reported their suspicious behavior on the plane.

The Imams are supported by CAIR, which is supported by Saudi Arabia, which gets countless billions from us dumb Americans, even though the Saudis wouldn’t have an oil industry without dumb American technology and expertise (the Koran doesn’t know about fossil fuels, internal combustion engines, and cars: huh, Allah knows everything? Seems to me Allah don’t know nuthin). The elderly couple are funded by their retirement savings.

If the CAIR supported Imams get their way, and real Americans are forced to report the truth, at massive expense to themselves, then it is the blogosphere’s challenge to raise funds to help them.

Personally, I think the 6 Imams should be treated as if they were the 9/11 hijackers. They behaved that way.

Here’s the problem that we haven’t dealt with. Is an unsuccessful attack with the intent to kill x thousand people as culpable as a successful attack that kills x thousand people?

WTC 1 failed. WTC 2 succeeded. Compare the reactions. Clinton sought criminal indictments afer WTC 1. Bush went to war after WTC2. Should Clinton have gone to war against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his organization? He could have, had he made the case that had the attack succeeded, 50,000 people might have died. But you can’t win public support on failed attacks. People are stupid that way.

I’m pretty certain that Clinton would have had quite a different reaction if KSM’s WTC I plot had succeeded, and one WTC tower fell onto the other, killing 50,000 people.

Terrorist failure is evidence they want to kill us us. Terrorist success is evidence they succeeded. That simple concept was beyond Bill Clinton and public opinion.

Anyone out there know if there is a fund to support these people being financially terrorized by CAIR?

Update from LGF:

I’ve received several emails from LGF-reading attorneys, offering their services pro bono to any passenger who ends up being sued by the imams and CAIR. Just for the record, one is a friend of The Jawa Report, and they’ve let me know he can be reached through them.