Lucianne highlights more Sharia problems in Minneapolis. First the Somali Taxi drivers refuse to take fares who are carrying booze or have seeing eye dogs. Now we have checkout cashiers at Target refusing to swipe pork products. Oh, they can’t because of their religion and they aren’t Jewish.

Lucianne’s commenters are a vigorous bunch and a couple of them nail the obvious customer reaction:

The way to really get Target’s attention when something like this happens is for the customer to have the checker call a manager, tell the manager what happened, and then simply walk out of the store without purchasing the groceries.

If enough customers did that, Target would have a legitimate business reason for demanding that the offending casher either change his or her conduct or get another job.

Load up cart with about $150 worth of lots of things. When cashier gets to last item, which is pork, and refuses to swipe it…walk away and leave it.

Americans don’t want Sharia law imposed by stealth. Unfortunately, the politicians won’t act. The companies won’t act. But customers can. I’d recommend the $150 trick. And when I walked out I’d tell every other customer why.