Implementing Kyoto would have minimal impact on global warming. The reason is that CO2 is a minor greenhouse gas; its concentration in the atmosphere is measured in parts per million instead of percentages, and the human contribution to CO2 emissions is minor. Since it is unlikely that anything we can do, short of declaring war on plants, can impact climate, it is likely that the climate will carry on doing what it has always done, i.e., change. Climate changes for reasons that are not fully understood, let alone modeled. It may be that the warming trend that started in the 70’s has already peaked. I was amused to read that “A North Pole expedition meant to bring attention to global warming was called off after one of the explorers got frostbite,” just as I’m amused when the Gore Effect strikes. You know how that works, as Cold Fury explained:

Basically, Gore monopolizes the hot air supply in any space that he occupies. Of course the temperature drops.

Personally, I’m rather upset with Mr. Gore because we’ve had a total lack of global warming this winter. Usually, I can run outside to train for my Spring marathon. This winter I was forced to run indoors for weeks on end. The treadmill caused an injury that may force me to miss my marathon. That really annoys me. Gore personally sucked all the warm air out of Cleveland.

So, speaking hypothetically, what happens if, in 2010, it becomes obvious that the climate is cooling. What will Al Gore say then? How about all the politicians who bought into Global Warming? How about all the scientists who hopped on the Global Warming band wagon? Will all these hypothetical dupes recant?

This is the age of Google. You can’t escape your past. The GW zealots should consider that before they go beyond what the science allows. The cold will bring them down as surely as the warm built them up. Crying wolf only goes so far.

What do you do when you’ve got it all wrong and made a career out of that. Most slink away never to be heard from again. Others come back, like a bad penny. Jimmy Carter comes to mind. Can Al Gore make that cut?