Sheik Abu Hamza was recently jailed for 7 years:

on charges of inciting racial hatred; urging the killing of non-Muslims, including Jews; and possessing a terrorist manual

That sounds like a good result. But at what cost to the UK taxpayer? The Evening Standard reports that:

ABU HAMZA’S family will continue to receive £680 a week in benefits while he is in jail.

His wife Nagat and their eight children will also keep their five- bedroom house provided by the taxpayer.

The radical Muslim-preacher was jailed for seven years yesterday for inciting murder and racial hatred at the Finsbury Park mosque.

Hamza’s local MP Greg Hands has called for the family to be evicted. But the council is powerless to act because Mrs Hamza, who is unemployed, is the registered-tenant and has not been convicted of any crime. The house, worth £550,000 (US$1,000,000+), is in a smart Shepherd’s Bush street.

Two government ministers live in the street, one next door to the Hamza family.

The welfare state is paying for a terrorist to breed 8 more likely terrorists or terrorist incubators while taxing its most productive citizens to the hilt to pay for such lunacy.

The bind that the European welfare state finds itself in is that it makes it almost impossible for the productive Europeans to breed at replacement rates but helps Muslim immigrants out-breed native Europeans by a 3:1 ratio or better.

The educated European woman with a career, a high tax burden, and a husband similarly encumbered, has little chance to have more than a child or two. An uneducated Muslim immigrant woman restricted to her home by her husband, sustained by welfare payments, has little choice but to have children.

Thus does civilization betray itself to a barbaric invader.

The solution is obvious: abolish the Welfare state before it is too late. But Democracy contains the seeds of its own destruction. The baby boomer generation, depending on the welfare state for its retirement income, and the unemployable welfare recipients, depending on the welfare state for their survival, can always outvote the baby boomer’s offspring.

The confluence of demography and the free entry of fast breeding Muslims into Europe is a fatal combination. Paying the Muslims to breed makes it worse.