Ralph Peters reveals the way the media hyped up the anti-Bush demonstrations in Brazil:

AS our president arrived in Brazil last week, the U.S. media made it sound as if Latin America had erupted in flames. TV news featured flying tear-gas canisters; a typical newspaper headline read, “Angry Crowds Rally Against President in Brazil.”

Message: Bush is hated. He’s ruined our relations with the hemisphere. Nobody loves us anymore – and it’s all his fault.

Well, venceremos, muchachos, and no pasdaran!

If you bothered to read the reports below the headlines, you learned that 6,000 Brazilians had gathered in Sao Paulo to protest Bush’s arrival in their country.

Wait a minute – wasn’t that 600,000? Or at least 60,000?

Nope. Just 6,000 outraged citizens. Out of Brazil’s population of 200 million.

Shucks, down here in Washington you can rally 6,000 activists at a moment’s notice to march for equal rights for prairie dogs.

The headline should have read “Pathetic turnout in Brazilian anti-Bush demonstrations”. Peter also makes reference to another positive development in Latin America that is in America’s interest. He writes:

The really big story in Latin America isn’t resurgent socialism (recent elections returned more moderates and conservatives than Chavistas), but the wildfire spread of Pentecostal Protestantism, with its self-reliant philosophy of hard work and moral behavior – and an innate affinity with the American way.

So, just how big is this wildfire? The Christian Post, quoting a Pew Survey, notes that:

Pentecostalism is thriving in Latin America with “spirit-filled” Christians constituting at least a third of the overall population in parts of the southern continent, a Pew Forum survey has found. The organization conducted further research to examine the Pentecostal history and politics of the country.

Over the past century, Pentecostals and Charismatics grew dramatically from 12.6 million in 1970 to 156.9 million in 2005. The World Christian Database reported Pentecostals as representing 13 percent of Latin America’s population and Charismatic members, 15 percent.

The Christan Right is thriving in Latin America. It provides a substantial counterweight to the evils of Socialism, Fascism and corruption that have held Latin America back for generations. That’s good news for mainstream America. The MSM and lefties won’t be so happy.

We have taken Peter’s wine buying advice (“Now I think I’ll uncork a bottle of Chilean wine”) to heart. We’ve stopped buying French, Spanish and Italian wines on principle. Chile and Argentina join Australia, NZ and the US on our list of wine producers we’ll support with our wine budget.