Fox News reports that:

House Democrats want to force the Pentagon to shut down the Guantanamo Bay detention camp and bring the terror suspects housed there to the U.S. The Politico newspaper reports the effort is being led by Virginia Democrat Jim Moran, who wants the 385 suspects in custody to be either released, tried or moved to military brigs along the East Coast.

Moran wants to cut funding for the facility by the end of the summer of 2008.

Great idea, Congressman. But, since you seem to think the prisoners pose little danger, perhaps you would approve of a house-arrest plan. Let’s see, there are 51 Democrat Senators and 231 Democrat Congressman. Add in RINOs like Chafee, Snowe, Specter, Collins, Shays, Boehlert, Castle and Leach and we get close to 300 volunteers for the house-arrest plan. Many of this exclusive coterie, such as Feinstein and Pelosi, have huge houses and wealth, so they could take a few extras. Are they ready to put their houses where their mouths are? Would each of you take in one of those nice young men from Guantanamo Bay into your house under house-arrest, and show him, by the shining light of your example, the error of his ways.

For his brilliance in proposing that Guantanamo Bay be closed, Jim Moran gets Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. That’s the man who planned 9/11 and got himself a Jew when he slit Danny Pearl’s throat. Time Magazine reports:

Khalid Sheikh Mohammad (KSM) was one of 14 “high value” prisoners recently moved to the U.S. detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, from secret CIA prisons overseas. In announcing the transfer on Sept. 6, President Bush also promised to try some of the most important captives in military tribunals, a plan that Congress approved last month.

One former U.S. national security official tells TIME there is no doubt that KSM personally wielded the knife that killed the Wall Street Journal reporter. This official says that Ahmad Omar Saed Sheik insisted under interrogation that taking Pearl’s life was not at first part of the kidnap plot — though Sheik also told his questioners that Pearl’s kidnappers could never have released him because he was Jewish. But as the scheme unfolded, someone senior to him in the al-Qaeda hierarchy, known as “the fat man,” took control of the operation and beheade Pearl.

Sheik never identified KSM as the actual killer, however. The FBI deduced KSM’s role only after analyzing a video of the crime, in which only the perpetrator’s hands are visible. That video was released by Islamic militants soon after Pearl’s murder and then widely shown on Arab television and the Internet. Eventually, the FBI obtained its own version of the original video, as well as the camera used to photograph the murder.

Once KSM was taken into custody in March 2003, a comparison of the hands shown in the video and KSM’s own hands, along with other evidence, confirmed the FBI’s suspicions. Then, under interrogation, KSM confessed, national security officials told TIME, admitting without remorse that he personally severed Pearl’s head and telling interrogators he had to switch knives after the first one “got dull.”

KSM was interrogated in secret CIA prisons along with some three dozen other key captives, including alleged terrorists Ramzi Binalshibh and Abu Zubaydah, a close associate of Osama bin Laden. U.S. officials say all were questioned as part of a special CIA program that was in effect before Congress began legislating on interrogation policy, first last December and again in anew bill that President Bush is expected to sign soon. But with their actionable intelligence value largely exhausted in recent months — and the White House under political and legal pressure to alter the CIA’s once-secret detention and interrogation system — all the captives have been shipped to Guantanamo or to third countries.

My suggestion of house arrest in the homes of Democrats is obviously tongue-in-cheek. However, Moran is a moron if he thinks any of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay are anything except extremely dangerous terrorists.

Me, I’d happily close Gitmo, but only after every last Islamic terrorist on Earth had been executed there; preferably by crucifixion, to drive the point home.

Maybe Moran merely want to get these guys on US soil to make it easier for trial lawyers to free them. Debra Burlingame is onto them:

Allowing lawyers to subvert the truth and transform the Constitution into a lethal weapon in the hands of our enemies–while casting themselves as patriots–makes a mockery of the sacrifices made by true patriots like Mike Spann. If Sens. Patrick Leahy and Arlen Specter, chairman and ranking members, respectively, of the Senate Judiciary Committee succeed in their plan to turn enemy combatant cases over to the federal courts, we will sorely rue the day that we eliminated “lawyer-free zones.”