Peter Mulhern at American Thinker writes:

More than half way through his second term the President still hasn’t been able to take control of his own government. The Libby case reached its sad conclusion because the elements within both the CIA and the DOJ used some of the President’s own powers to attack him. Still he does nothing.

Firing Fitzgerald would be an excellent place to start.

Firing every Clintonista holdover on day one would have been a better start, but it’s a bit late now.

How to take action now? Appoint Special Prosecutors with Fitzgerald powers to investigate every national security leak since 9/11. Appoint Special Prosecutors to investigate every Democrat under a cloud, starting with Jefferson, Murtha and Reid.

The Clintonistas, egged on by the MSM, delivered Libby. But they set a precedent that should be used against those who think defeating the President is more important than defeating the nice folks who brought us 9/11 . Just do it, Mr. President.