The utter incompetence of the White House in the Plame Blame Game staggers the imagination. When Wilson’s NYT op-ed piece came out, all the Administration had to do was report that Wilson had not been sent by the V.P. and that Wilson’s own report contradicted his op-ed. Bush may have had to declassify Wilson’s report but that was just minutia. Rove the Genius could have figured that out. The White House should also have raked Tenet over the coals for (a) letting Joe Wilson go to Niger, (b) letting Joe Wilson disclose what he knew, or rather lie about it, and (c) forwarding the complaint to the DOJ that led to the Plame Blame Game.

But no. We got an apology for the 16 words and the appointment of a Special Prosecutor with the magical power of being able to set perjury traps long after the original crime had been uncovered.

No genius on display here.