Bill Bennet, writing at the NRO Corner writes:

This case will have a backlash the press will regret: sources will be less likely to speak with them, not because the press was called to testify but because senior government officials will be expected to remember every jot and tittle of what they say to each member of the press in their background, off-the-record, and investigative interviews.

MSM reporters should also remember that Judith Miller spent 85 days in jail for not revealing sources.

So the MSM faces a double-whammy.

1. Secret sources won’t talk so freely (I’d recommend that administration sources have a lawyer and/or a tape recorder present in any off-the record discussion with a MSM reporter).

2. Reporters can do serious jail time if they don’t reveal their secret sources.

Is this what the MSM wanted when it started the Plame Blame Game?