The auto world is agog that GM is importing a rear wheel drive Pontiac from its Holden subsidiary in Australia. It’s a very capable vehicle, a generation ahead of previous relatives, such as the Cadillac Catera and Pontiac GTO. I could be tempted since I had a nice experience with GM’s Australian products when I lived in Australia. Despite the success of the new Holden range, the factory building the new vehicle is cutting its workforce. Actually, Holden is just improving its manufacturing efficiency. One of the commenters to this blog entry summed it up:

If a robot can do it, it probably sucks to do.

As automation becomes more sophisticated, more sucky jobs are going to disappear.

Come the singularity, all the sucky jobs, up to and including computer chip designer, may disappear. Only the oldest profession might survive, and even that’s doubtful. Of course, if our enemies win, and they return us to Mohammed’s day, we won’t have to worry about technological progress. You can’t worry much after some Jihadist has slit your throat, whilst screaming “Allahu Akbar”.