We saw it when Prince Charles said McDonald’s should be banned. Why McDonald’s? Because it is a symbol of American success. Lately, it has introduced healthier alternatives into its menus, but it still sells burgers, fries and pop to the masses because the masses like burgers, fries and pop.

Prince Charles is heir to the throne of England, a country infamous for its poor cuisine. I think the reputation is undeserved. London has great expensive restaurants and great cheap eats, if you like curry. Be that as it may, England is still the land of fish and chips. In the northern counties they eat chip butties. That combination of white bread, butter and fries makes a Big Mac look almost svelte. In one of the TV clips covering the extra-large English 8 year-old who was under threat of being removed from his mother’s care I noticed the kid was munching on a chip buttie. No wonder he is heading towards a career as a Sumo wrestler.

Prince Charles wasn’t attacking McDonald’s because it serves high calorie food. The national diet is high calorie so such an attack would be hypocritical. He was just attacking America through a proxy.