Let’s start with the Plame Blame Game (aka the persecution of Scooter Libby). It set a precedent for the aggressive pursuit of leakers. The MSM and the left demanded that the “leak” be investigated and got their wish. You can bone up on the Plame Blame Game and the trial now drawing to a close at Just One Minute. What’s sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander.

What happened? Sandy Berger got caught stealing and destroying highly classified documents. Did the AG appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Berger? No.

The NYT exposed a secret program to track the finances of terrorists. It had been leaked by a traitor somewhere inside the Federal Government. Did the AG appoint a Special Prosecutor to identify the traitor? Someone who could send NYT reporters to jail for failing to reveal their sources? No.

Ditto on the dozens of damaging leaks that have weakened out national security, betrayed our troops and increased the danger to the American people. Would that the resources wasted by Fitzgerald had been dedicated to finding, prosecuting, convicting and executing the traitors.

Executing? The greatest generation, the one that saved the world from Hitler and Tojo, had no such qualms. We need to restore the WW2 fighting spirit before we lose a couple of cities. Gonzales has shown none of that fighting spirit. Had he pursued the important leaks as aggressively as Mr. (Perjury Trap) Fitzgerald pursued Libby, we would be much further along in the war. Specifically, the traitors in the MSM and the Government, who believe the real war is against our elected President and C.I.C., would be dead or rotting in prison.