Instapundit points to Simberg’s blog where he writes:

But he [Giuliani] could make the following statement, and it would make perfect sense (at least to people who have followed my argument so far):

“I have stated a personal belief in a woman’s right to choose. But I also have a strong belief in judges who follow the Constitution. I admire George Bush’s choice of Supreme Court judges–Roberts and Alito. I wish that I’d made them myself, and I hope to have an opportunity to make similar, and (if that’s possible) even better ones, who will interpret the Constitution in the manner intended, and not make new law out of old parchment, no matter how worthy the goal. While I personally favor a woman’s right to choose, I think that Roe v. Wade was a mistake, and that this should be a matter for the states to determine. You can be sure that, if elected, this will be the criterion that I use to select judicial nominees, rather than a desire for a particular outcome that I happen to personally favor.”

In fact, if he made a statement like this, I think that he could win over not only the pro-life crowd, but also those opposed to his views on gun control. And it would not be in any way inconsistent with any previous statements on his part.

That sounded a lot like what I heard Giuliani say on Fox. Simberg’s first commenter heard what I heard:

Umm…Rand, he made a statement very similar to the one you’re suggesting. He was interviewed on Fox News about 2 weeks ago, where he said that (and I’m paraphrasing):

1) I personally don’t like abortions, but I believe that women have a right to choose.

2) I believe in parental notification laws, as long as there is a judicial out (minor could go to a judge).

3) I believe that Partial Birth Abortion is wrong and should be banned as long as there is an exception for the life of the mother.

4) I would appoint justices of the same judicial philosophy & temperament (he actually used the words “strict constructionists”) as Alito and Roberts. He said they were great picks, and he fully supports them. In fact he’s worked with at least one of them before and counts that one as a friend.

5) And he suggested the Roe was poorly made law.

Rudi is not into shifting his position to make himself more acceptable to a fickle electorate. I like that. Even if I don’t like his positions. A straight politician with proven leadership skills makes a refreshing change.