Lucianne leads me to these disgraceful comments by Mr. McCain:

McCain, the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, complained that Rumsfeld never put enough troops on the ground to succeed in Iraq.

“I think that Donald Rumsfeld will go down in history as one of the worst secretaries of defense in history,” McCain said to applause.

The comments were in sharp contrast to McCain’s statement when Rumsfeld resigned in November, and failed to address the reality that President Bush is the commander in chief.

“While Secretary Rumsfeld and I have had our differences, he deserves Americans’ respect and gratitude for his many years of public service,” McCain said last year when Rumsfeld stepped down.

Rumsfeld faced incredible resistence as he tried to convert a DOD infested by Clintonistas and stuck on a Cold War model to adapt to the realities of the war on Radical Islam. He did a much better job than, say, Robert MacNamara. Hitting Rumsfeld from behind is a cowardly act, but typical of a political opportunist. Rumsfeld is too much of a gentleman to demean himself with a response to such a cheap shot.

Murtha is the most loathsome creature I can imagine. Neo-Neocon has his number. I wonder how this corrupt ex-marine would fare if he told the Marines serving in Iraq that they should give up the fight and retreat to Okinawa? His latest ploy is so disgusting that I can do no more than post a link and brief quote:

Three months later, Murtha has shaped party policy that would cripple Bush’s Iraq troop surge by placing conditions on funding. That represents the most daring congressional attempt to micromanage ongoing armed hostilities in nearly two centuries, since the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War challenged President Abraham Lincoln.

These two are the new Copperheads. May they rot in hell.