Besides pumping plant food (CO2) into the air, humans have been pumping lots of pollutants into the air. Some are greenhouse gases, like Methane, while others have a cooling effect.

This past year has seen unusually cold weather in very odd spots around the globe. We had snow in the Australian state of Victoria — where snow is almost unknown — in November. I lived in Victoria for 15 years. It never snowed, not even in Winter. But snow in November? That’s like snow in South Carolina in May. California lost most of its citrus crop due to unseasonal cold weather. Denver got dumped on by near record snowfalls in January. After a temperate January the snowbelt got clobbered by freezing temperatures and snow. Our European friends have not been spared:

In Britain, the first major snowfalls disrupted public transport services as British Airways (BA) said it had cancelled 16 short-haul flights from London airports due to the wintry conditions.

Road and rail traffic was particularly hard hit in the south-east of London, as the wintry weather moved down from northern parts of Britain.

The disruption was most acute in the London area and its immediate surroundings as commuters struggled to get to work.

BA said the problems at Heathrow airport, where 13 flights were cancelled, were due to de-icing. A further three flights from Gatwick airport were scrapped and there were delays of up to an hour.

In France, heavy snowfall in the southern and eastern parts of the country deprived some 100,000 households of electricity and disrupted traffic.

The utility company EDF said that heavy snowfall in the departments of Auvergne and Limousin caused power lines to break, cutting electricity to at least 100,000 homes. In addition, the snow and icy conditions made repair difficult, an EDF spokesman said.

The snow also closed down an important motorway linking Paris with destinations in the south. About 1,000 lorries were still trapped on the road early Wednesday, police officials reported.

I lived in London from 1989 to 1991. It sleeted a teeny bit once.

Every year weather records are set somewhere across the world. But the last year has seen a lot of unusually cool weather. The evidence is still anecdotal but my suspicion is that the warming trend seen since the end of the little ice age is running out of steam.

The global warming fanatics are not likely to be embarassed if the world starts to cool off a bit. Already, they talk about climate change instead of global warming. So, when some poor guy in up-state New York is digging out of yet another 10 foot snow dump he’ll be really happy to hear the global cooling fanatics blaming human activities for his plight.

Maybe Instapundit is onto this switch already.