I ran 10 miles on Saturday morning. It was 7°F at the start. I thought I was dressed well enough but it sure didn’t feel like it for the first mile or so. Tomorrow, the forecast is for 8°F/5°F. This weekend will be the coldest I’ve ever encountered in six years of running in Cleveland. Not even the hot air being generated by the latest IPCC report could warm things up.

Chicago is looking to set new cold records, according to this Report in the Chicago Tribune:

Chicago is headed into a deep freeze likely to take on, if not surpass, a series of long-time late-winter cold weather benchmarks. An average of each day’s temperatures over the coming 7 days may well finish colder than any Feb. 3-9 period on record since 1871 here.

The setting of new coldest records (that is since man started recording temperatures) does not prove that we are entering a new ice age, any more than a few hottest records prove Al Gore is right. The problem is that the MSM gives more weight to hottest records being broken. That bias helps Al Gore spread his lies.

Update: SWAMINATHAN S ANKLESARIA AIYAR of the Times of India makes the same point. He also cites a classic example of Greenpeace propaganda:

I have long been an agnostic on global warming: the evidence is ambiguous. But I almost became a convert when Greenpeace publicised photos showing the disastrously rapid retreat of the Upsala Glacier in Argentina. How disastrous, I thought, if this was the coming fate of all glaciers.

Then last Christmas, I went on vacation to Lake Argentina. The Upsala glacier and six other glaciers descend from the South Andean icefield into the lake. I was astounded to discover that while the Upsala glacier had retreated rapidly, the other glaciers showed little movement, and one had advanced across the lake into the Magellan peninsula. If in the same area some glaciers advance and others retreat, the cause is clearly not global warming but local micro-conditions.

Yet the Greenpeace photos gave the impression that glaciers in general were in rapid retreat. It was a con job, a dishonest effort to mislead. From the same icefield, another major glacier spilling into Chile has grown 60% in volume.

Memo to Greenpeace. Cherry-picking the evidence is not science. It is faith run amok.