According to Opinion Journal’s Best of the Web:

The Age of Melbourne, Australia, reports on the latest “outrage” at Guantanamo Bay:

The US military subjected Australian detainee David Hicks to mental torture by providing him with graphic material showing Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein with a noose around his neck, his lawyers have claimed from Guantanamo Bay. . . .

Hicks was said to be stunned to see the large photographic display on a wall facing the exercise cells. He asked another detainee to translate the Arabic message on the posters and was told it said: “Because Saddam chose not to co-operate and not tell the truth, because he thought by lying he would get released, for that reason he was executed.”

[Hicks lawyer Josh] Dratel said the display was an attempt to torture mentally an already abused detainee population and breached standards for humane treatment required by the Geneva Convention.

Hicks’ father, Terry, said he was shocked at the mentality of the American military. “I think they are as brutal as the regime they are supposed to have thrown out,” he said.

If Hick’s is upset by pictures of Saddam about to meet his maker, he has proven which side he is on. And, as an unlawful combatant fighting for Al Qaeda, he deserves the same fate.

P.S. This famous Variety headline was the inspiration for mine.