The capture of top Iranian operatives in Iraq is a major coup. The haul included:

Iranian colonel Fars Hassami, No. 3 in the Revolutionary Guards al Quds Brigade’s hierarchy, two below the Brigades commander, General Qassem Sulemaini. Officers of the al Quds Brigade also serve with Hizballah combat units in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Question for Senator McCain: How far should the US go in extracting information from Fars Hassami, a man directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of US military personnel? Actually, putting him on trial for war crimes would put Iran on the spot.

We’re also getting reports that Al Sadr’s mob is running scared. If Al Sadr wants to survive, he’ll need to rat out the worst of his death squad leaders.

The Sunnis are finally realizing that the only force standing between them and Shi’ite revenge for their persecution under Saddam, is the US. That means that they will be ratting out Al Qaeda and the few remaining Baathist hold-outs.

While the Democrats’ victory in the mid-terms may have given our enemies hope, Bush’s surge announcement tells them that they are going to have to hold out for two more years. That is a long time when you are facing a force as resourceful and adaptable as the US military.

Then there is the lone Jew problem. Lieberman ran on a pro-war platform and trounced his anti-war opponent. If the Democrats go too far in sabotaging the war, he will switch sides. He probably won’t need to. The Democrats will do public displays of opposition to Bush but won’t do anything to stop him prosecuting the war as he was authorized to do by congress.

My sense is that Iraq will calm down a lot over the next year. By 2008 it will be seen as a victory in the larger war against ancient Islam.