Reports are coming in that an AC-130 gunship took out a bunch of Al Qaeda thugs in Somalia. They were fleeing Mogadishu after being hit hard by the Ethiopian army. If the US got the targets, the Al Qaeda operatives responsible for the US embassy bombings, then that would be very good news.

A few weeks ago we were lamenting the loss of Somalia to Al Qaeda. We lamented too soon.

But we are now seeing a better model for dealing with Al Qaeda, similar to the successful strategy used in Afghanistan. That is to use US special forces and technological assets to assist Al Qaeda’s natural enemies.

If that strategy had been used against Saddam back in the aftermath of the Gulf war we would not be in our current poor position. We sacrificed the Iraqi Shi’ites to Saddam back then and it seems they haven’t forgotten. Had Bush I ignored the UN and international consensus and supported the Shi’ite rebellion that the US encouraged, Saddam would have been deposed. We have paid a huge price for that mistake.

That brings us to Iran. The mullahs are not popular. Various ethnic and religious groups in Iran hate the mullahs. The average Iranian hates them. The US strategy should be to launch an intense campaign to undermine the mullahs. If that involves predator strike, special forces insertions, and surprise attacks then, as the Nike slogan goes, “just do it”. It should far surpass the campaign that the mullahs have been caught running in Iraq. Unfortunately, the CIA seems to be constitutionally incapable of doing anything that might offend an enemy and serve the President.

Give the job to the military. Without rules of engagement. This is no longer a limited war. It’s all out war and needs to be fought as such.