Saddam was executed after a fair trial. The executioners used a trapdoor. Once Saddam hit bottom he was dead. It was a far more merciful death than any that Saddam and his thugs inflicted on his millions of victims. To read the MSM you would think his execution was hasty, unfair and illegal.

Here’s how they execute women in Iran. Warning – distressing image. The image shows a burqa-clad women hanging from a crane. The method used is not the relatively humane trapdoor system that (usually) ensures a quick death by breaking the victim’s neck; rather they use the suspension system and the victim slowly dies from strangulation. The victims’ crimes are only crimes when viewed through the perverted prism of Sharia law. Take the case of Ateqeh Sahaleh who was on trial for sexual offenses and hung because the judge didn’t like her sharp tongue. Or the case of Nazanin who was sentenced to death when she defended herself from a gang of rapists and stabbed one of them to death. Thanks to international outrage, she has earned a retrial. These cases are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Iran. You don’t read much about the Mullahs’ murderous ways in the MSM.