My estimation is that there are a lot of loyal US non-citizen residents that are really, truly, absolutely in love with the U.S.A. and would gladly volunteer to fight in Afghanistan, Iraq or wherever Islamic scum coagulates. I’m one of those US non-citizen residents, and I’d volunteer to confront our enemy. I only have one condition: we change the rules of engagement from the PC “do no harm to anyone not aiming an AK47 at me” to “kill every one within cooee of an attack on us who did nothing to warn us.”

See, the more I read about the idiotic rules of engagement, and the dire penalties for anyone who is accused by an enemy sympathizer for breaking them, the less inclined I would be to join the fight.

Question to the President Bush: What is the moral difference between killing civilians caught up in the aftermath of an IED attack and dropping incendiary weapons on Tokyo?

I’d say none. Get tough, for God’s sake. Nobody credits the US for being nice. Everbody would respect us for being tough.