The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor killed 2,403 Americans. That attack brought America into World War II. By the end of the conflict the US had lost approximately 500,000 people. The first US land operation in World War II was Operation Torch, an invasion of Vichy French controlled territory in North Africa. The operation started on 8 November 1942 and finished 3 days later. History records that:

Operation TORCH gave the Allies substantial beachheads in North Africa at rather modest cost, considering the size of forces committed. One hundred twenty-five thousand soldiers, sailors, and airmen participated in the operation, 82,600 of them U.S. Army personnel. Ninety-six percent of the 1,469 casualties were American, with the Army losing 526 killed, 837 wounded, and 41 missing. Casualties varied considerably among the three task forces. Eastern Task Force lost the fewest Americans killed in action, 108, Western Task Force, with four times as many American troops, lost 142 killed; Center Task Force lost almost twice as many killed, 276.

In the current conflict, Operation Iraqi Freedom has given the US a substantial beachhead in the Middle East at rather modest cost, considering the size of the forces committed. Of course, that is not the way the MSM has presented the case. But, think how they would have reacted if the US had lost 500 troops in 3 days in Iraq. It would have been labeled a catastrophe. Yet, Operation Torch was regarded as a modest success and a valuable lesson for the untested Americans.

The fact that US casualties in Iraq have exceeded the 2,973 lost on 9/11 only means that US casualties in this war have passed the 6,000 mark. That number will only grow. If we lack the fortitude to do the tough things now, that number will climb past total WW2 casualties and we will pass the war on to the next generation. If we succeed in Iraq, and beyond, through continued fortitude, then we can keep casualties modest, and crush radical Islam in a decade or two.