Via Stop the ACLU and AP: the Supreme Court has refused to stop the DOJ from reviewing the phone records of former NYT reporter Judith Miller and current NYT reporter Philip Shenon to find out who revealed:

the government’s plans to freeze the assets of two Islamic charities, the Holy Land Foundation and the Global Relief Foundation.

Shenon and Miller called the two organizations for comment after being told by confidential sources of the government’s plans.

The Justice Department says the move tipped off the charities of planned government raids. The federal judge who ruled in the Times’ favor said there is no evidence in the case even suggesting that the reporters tipped off the charities about the raids or that the reporters even knew of the government’s plans to raid either charity.

This is the tip of the iceberg for the NYT and the WPO. Since 9/11, these two papers have spent acres of front page real estate revealing national security secrets leaked by traitors in the CIA, DOD and FBI. Most of the remaining metropolitan papers in the US have reprinted these stories without question. Now, the sources for all these stories can be tracked down and prosecuted.

The other story that strikes a massive blow on MSM cedibility has been picked up by the blogosphere. We denizens in the blogosphere have long known that MSM reporters in Iraq, with some notable exceptions, bed down in a green zone hotel and use Iraqi stringers to do their reporting. The reporters’ suspicion of the military means that they rarely cross-check their stringer’s stories. So, it is no surprise to learn that the bogus reports of six Sunni men being burned alive come to us via such a stringer, one Qais al-Bashir. Flopping Aces owns this story, with great support from Junkyard Blog.

It will take time, but people will begin to see that the MSM coverage from Iraq has been provided by enemy agents and given the stamp of credibility by the MSM.

I’m fairly certain that the Time magazine reports of a massacre sat Haditha will turn out to be yet another enemy propaganda ploy spread by our MSM and believed by Rep. Murtha.

The next two years are going to be very interesting and our friends in the MSM may well wish they had not rooted so strongly for the enemy and the Democrats, but I repeat myself.